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Artists across the world speak the same language "Arts"

Valmiki says that seeing Rama, Sita and Lakshmana walk, was like seeing the Pranava mantra walking. This observation contains a significant philosophical message, The Pranava has three
syllables — akAra, ukAra and makAra (aum). ‘A’ stands for the Supreme One. Parasara Bhatta, in his Ashtasloki, says, “akArArtO Vishnuh.” The very syllable ‘a’ denotes the all- pervading One. The jivatma aspires to reach the abode of the Supreme One, and to serve Him there. The jivatma is connoted by the
syllable ‘ma.’ The intervening syllable ‘u’ denotes Sri , the Goddess who takes us closer to the Supreme One.
With great respect and admiration for our literature, through our organization AUM LLC we seek to spreadhead the quintessence of our literature which paves way to develop a happy community.



Live. Breathe. Dance.

Bharathanatyam Dancer/ Curator/ Arts & Cultural Director/ Committed to developing a happy community through Arts. Ultimately to contribute to shaping the future of arts + culture, creating space for new creative processes, new ways of storytelling, new voices and developing artistic talent in a new virtual world, Lavanyaa is committed to innovation and revolution of the arts sector for the benefit of all.

Having a certification in Neuroscience from Johns Hopkins University, Lavanyaa specializes in ‘Neuroaesthetics’. She has written several articles among which," while-we-experience-art-sports-do-we-feel-connected-to-something-large-why?" has been featured in Neo narthaki.

She also developed a dance based workout ‘Art & Anatomy’, that premiered in Lawrence University, Appleton. She was also an active member of ‘The Newyork Dance Talks’ and has presented ‘Abigyan Shakuntalum’ at the conference. She works closely with the American Mental Health Organization to use Arts as interventional treatment.

Lavanyaa ( WI Arts Board Master artist) is the founding President of Ziksa-An Art Forum, which connects artists through professional channels and helps art thrive. She was an Educational Co-chair for the Sheboygan Theatre company wherein she proposed educational opportunities and career building focus for students of STC. She is also a Director on the board of Art Garage in Green Bay. She has also worked with Maker Faire to use arts (Dance) as a community engagement tool.

She holds a second Masters in Arts & Cultural Management from Colorado State University. Under the guidance of Dr. Sujatha Mohan she is currently working on Sanskrit treatise on the performing arts "Natya Shastra".