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Our Pedagogy/ Education

We believe in developing holistic artists with focus in understanding our literature and the moral/ethical values embedded in the literature.  Our pedagogy enables students to see Bharathanatyam both from the scientific and artistic front blending "Arts & Science" which helps develop both their physical/mental well being. The vision of AUM is to develop a happy community through Social Intellectual Mental & Physical Learning (SIMPLe) using arts. AUM trains young children from the age of 5 through adults in Yoga/Bharathanatyam/Carnatic music/Nattuvangam. The objective is to motivate students to develop their own learning interests and critical thinking—to establish a learner-centered environment in the workplace/ community. Through thematic performances we promote community interaction and deliver social /moral messages which ameliorates community well-being. To inquire , please submit your information

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Valmiki says that seeing Rama, Sita and Lakshmana walk, was like seeing the Pranava mantra
walking. This observation contains a significant philosophical message, The Pranava has three
syllables — akAra, ukAra and makAra (aum). ‘A’ stands for the Supreme One. Parasara Bhatta,
in his Ashtasloki, says, “akArArtO Vishnuh.” The very syllable ‘a’ denotes the all- pervading One.
That is why Ramanujacharya started his Sri Bhashya with the letter ‘a.’ The jivatma aspires to
reach the abode of the Supreme One, and to serve Him there. The jivatma is connoted by the
syllable ‘ma.’ The intervening syllable ‘u’ denotes Sri , the Goddess who takes us closer to the
Supreme One.
Hence the name AUM. With great respect and admiration for our literature, Lavanyaa Surendar started AUM LLC to
spread-head the quintessence of our literature which paves way to develop a happy community. 

Salangai Pooja
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