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Laura Kohler

I am here to celebrate the Indian art form. We have been consistent in promoting arts in the community. Thank you to Lavan for promoting this art form in the community. Her art energizes the space. It is terrific

Laura Kohler

Special Appearances


  • Yuva Kala Bharathi, Bharathi Yuva Kendra (2005)

  • Best Choreographer , Aratai Arangham , SUN TV (2005)

  • Sadanai Penmani, K TV Chennai India (2005)

  • Natya Thilagam , Kamarajar Viruthu, South India Social Cultural Academy (2015)

  • Natya Sudaroli, Sevai Semmal South India Social Cultural Academy (2015)

  • Natya Sironmani, London-Tamil Academy of Language & Arts, (2019) 


Yer Thao Vang, ELL Teacher, Edison Elementary

Lavanyaa was referred to me through our school music teacher Leila during our Multicultural Night planning for performers. When I reached out to her, she was very responsive to the performance and friendly. Lavanyaa was able to send her students Riya and Tanvi to perform at Edison Elementary’s Multicultural Night on December 8th, 2022. The students did amazing performing the Shloka Mala and Thillana dance. Which was so thoroughly enjoyed by the parents, students, and staff that they have requested for them to come back to perform for future events. We appreciate Lavanyaa’s dance group and their contribution to the Multicultural Night.

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