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Bharatnatyam , OakCreek PerformingArts Center, Aum LLC Brookfield

Yoga Classes

We teach yoga as exercise with a focus on the structural alignment of the physical body through the practice of asanas. 


Objective of the nattuvangam classes is to train the students in learning the art of playing cymbals, composing jathis and understanding the thalams

Bharatnatyam Classes

Students receive firm grounding in Bharatanatyam theory and cultural history, as well as rigorous fundamental training and technique refinement. Emphasis is placed on mental and physical discipline, and on the importance of practice, passion, dedication and perseverance.

Natya Shastra

Bharata Nrityam represents the confluence of the Marga technique of Natya Sastra and the Desi technique of South India, namely Bharata Natyam. It is a style evolved and popularized by Guru Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam. Students learn systematic training of the major (the Angas) and minor limbs,(Upangas), with their relevant slokas/ exercises,   adavus, sthanas, charis, nritta hastas , karanas , mandalas and angaharas, along with theory.

Cranatic Music

Students receive formal training in the fundamentals of carnatic music. Emphasis is given to the actual pedagogy, voice culture and thalam patterns

Carnatic music production

We develop thematic Margams and help with Music productions for thematic Arangetrams with the support of our inhouse team.


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