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Ziksa Inc

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Inclusive community

Here at ZikSA, we know that sometimes all it takes to change the world is a little support. We are here to create potential opportunities for artists and support them to develop a platform for their work. We encourage the artists to get connected through our trusted  platform and collaborate.  We also help them create online platform to establish themselves as educators.

AAPI Green Bay Packers Workshop-Title Town
UW Oshkosh- Multicultural Night Out reach program
Indus of Fox Valley- Annual Banquet

The Arangham

Who are we?


The Committee of Arangham is a group of professional artists working to educate the next generation artists in arts/ culture & literature . We work closely with various organizations to sustain literature, culture and performing arts.


Our Vision

Every year, we will be putting together two major shows based on diverse literature. There will be an audition process that students would have to apply to be a part of the program. Lead artists will be instructing the students and they will be able to be a part of lighting, stage management, costume designing, music production, marketing, fundraising.

We welcome all students irrespective of their background to apply . Vocalists and instrumentalists (including percussion) are welcome to join.

This will give the students an exposure to the professional art world/ non profit management. They will also be attending workshops in grant writing/ creative writing.

We strive hard to educate students about the significance of diverse Arts. (STEM to STEAM)


Thyagaraja- Nauka Charitam
Sanfrancisco- Production
SFO- Production Joe Goode Annex
YMCA Community Engagement
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