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Harmony Through Arts

Life can be mired in a multitude of struggles and to overcome the struggles we should first contemplate that those struggles are not external ; most of them are internal. There is always a constant battle happening within ourselves. We human beings have a specific mechanism of functioning. Any human being possesses three great powers which are Ego, Thoughts/ Brain, and Mind. It is the law of nature that no change can occur on the outside without a change occurring within. The law of nature is so profound that it can be applied from the minute form of an atom to the length and breadth of human life. Drawing parallels to the great magnum opus "Maha-Bharatham", the Kurukshetra battlefield is internal rather than external. The Mind and the Ego can be compared to Arjuna and Duryodhana. With the constant battle happening within ourselves, we often fail to become the calm and composed Witness "Krishna". Art can be used as a tool to become one with "Krishna" and conquer both Arjuna and Duryodhana. The Ego or the "Ahamkara" is the primary source of suffering. The first step to overcoming the Ego is to see and understand it. Being in a hectic schedule will increase the fight-flight function of the Ego. The Ego usually likes to dwell on the past or imagine the future but there is no place for ego where there is stillness. This is where practicing an art form comes to help. The mere practice of the art form "Sadhana" helps balance our ego and we learn to embrace stillness. Practicing the art form helps us to watch our thoughts which is transformational and disentangles the mind. There is always a distance between the consciousness and the mind. Art enables the balancing of consciousness on par with the mind and we experience harmony. When we can use arts as a medium to attain harmony it not only benefits the practitioner but also the spectator. In this process of losing ourselves (Ego) by practicing the art form, we find something that is greater- Our True Selves. Community is one of the great revelations of practicing Arts. The true healing power of art is unlocked in shared practice or a shared space. The body is not separate from the mind, similarly, an individual is not separate from the collective. Art brings together the community and creates a happy space for everyone. We as human beings have had various ways of getting out of ourselves and arts have been an integral component across all cultures to help us transcend- ‘(ecstasy’: the Greek ek-stasis, meaning ‘standing outside of oneself’). Practicing and visualizing arts can truly help us in our search for Ecstatic Experience and to attain harmony.

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